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About Us

Gaming Playlister is a place that has been built for gaming and music fans alike. Creating a collection of custom playlists for an array of multiplayer games, so you can play to your own custom soundtrack. A place where you can upload and share your own game specific playlists to all.

This all came about after I, Deajium, would share Spotify playlists with my friends which we would play while gaming. I have always listened to music while gaming, creating unique associations with albums/artists/songs with some of my favourite games (I cannot not thing of GTAIII whenever I hear The Color and the Shape). After finding that many of my friends had a similar habit i set about creating a space where we could share these these playlist, in the process creating Gaming Playlister.

I have consciously made sure that the games featured on Gaming Playlister are multiplayer or scenario based games. So many big single player or adventure games include epic scores, adding to the experience that the developer is trying to provide. Listening to something else, in my opinion, waters down the effects they are trying to achieve. However, multiplayer and scenario based games are an entirely different beast. Any game where you play the same map or mission repeatedly (CoD, Dota, Rocket League ect…) completely suit the custom soundtrack model; to spice things up as well as give you a boost when you’re not playing so well.

On a completely pseudoscientific level, mainly from personal experience, I have found listening to certain types of music while playing games has had an effect on my play. For example, I often go on my best winning streaks and play my best Rocket League games while listening to Post Rock music. Whether there is actually something behind that I can’t tell you, however it works for me.

We’ve tried to include a wide range of genres of music in Gaming Playlister. Everyone has different tastes, and we’d love to have a wide selection of everyone’s favourite tunes for people to enjoy. We hope you can add to our selection so there is something here for all.

Gaming Playlister is in its infancy, we have lot of plans to expand on the site and add new features. If you’d like to get involved then get in touch. Likewise, if you have some feedback then let us know, we’d be most appreciative.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. We really hope you enjoy the music we have featured.