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4K Vs VR Vs Portability – New Console Fads or Keepers?

4K Vs VR Vs Portability – New Console Fads or Keepers?
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So a new line up of consoles is already upon us, with all three major players throwing something new into the mix. With both Sony and Microsoft launching beefed up versions of the current gen to cater for super, high-def 4K gaming experiences, we’ve also reached the dawn of VR.

While these more absorptive medium attempt to pull us further through the uncanny-valley, deep into their digital worlds, Nintendo has done quite the opposite; creating a bonafide console experience that fits into your life rather than demanding your all encompassing attention.

Nintendo’s long standing Game Boy series of portable consoles have been a smash hit for decades, I still remember literally throwing up with excitement after getting one as a 5 year old, but creating a genuine console that is not only portable but seamlessly connects up to your TV could be a genius move. The thought of being able to play Mario Kart, split-screen may I add, anywhere excites me somewhat.

Microsoft's latest XBox for 4K gaming

Microsoft’s latest XBox for 4K gaming

Where Nintendo have gone with innovation Sony and Microsoft’s efforts feel a bit…non-committal. My only hope is that these new roided up 4th genners are positioning themselves to really create incredible VR experiences.

High definition VR graphics, and non vomit inducing motion, are going to take some serious processing power, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the current PS4 and XBOne don’t quite cut the mustard. So maybe these new 4K machines will be the savour of VR, preventing it from once again becoming another failed fad.

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