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Welcome to Gaming Playlister!
29 Jul, 2016

Welcome to Gaming Playlister!

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Hello, welcome and thanks for joining us! We are Gaming Playlister, a new site for sharing specially made music playlists put together with particular video games in mind.

As an equally big music fan as gamer, I put this site together as I have always been someone who likes to listen to music while I game; anything from my “Now” tape collection from when I was playing on my Mega Drive to my mini disc playlists I played to death while tearing up the Liberty City streets on the PS2. However, now with the native Spotify app available on all major consoles (and as always to the PC Master Race) it is easier than ever to fire up your own tunes while getting into a game.

I’ve personally always looked to certain types of music depending on the game I’m playing, which I’ve naturally created Spotify playlists for over the last few years, but have never found a platform to find other people’s suggestions to broaden my musical horizon. Which is where Gaming Playlister comes in.

You’ll currently find a small selection of games featured. This is mainly due to me starting off with games I play that are not heavily soundtracked; it’d be a shame to water down the experience of playing games like The Last of Us or Final Fantasy 7, which have such expertly created scores to add to the atmosphere and feeling, by throwing on your favourite slash-core at full volume. Story driven games like this are highly crafted experience, so you should really leave yourself in the developers hands to immerse yourself in their world.

However, there are many other genres of games where listening to your own music isn’t just appropriate, it’s performance enhancing. Online scenario based games such as Call of Duty or DoTA are addictive and will have you playing the same roles and maps over and over again; to keep them fresh and your enjoyment up why not listen to some of your favourite tunes?!?

We’ve created playlists for each game so far by genres, which can be played in the site, followed and played through your Spotify player. We have lots of plans for features after the launch, including:

  • Social sign in so you can access all of your favourited playlists in one place
  • User submissions – upload your own Spotify playlists and games – become an author!
  • Collaborative playlists – each game will have their own collaborative playlist that anyone can add to
  • Mobile app where you can cast all of your favourite playlists to your preferred console or device

Things are still in the early stages, so please forgive any niggles and glitches, we’re getting on it. However, if you’d like to get involved to would like to submit some content please get in touch on the contact page for the time-being until we have your user login section up to scratch and ready to roll.

Hope you enjoy the site. And don’t be shy to let us know where to improve!

Happy listening!

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Gaming since I was a kid, listening to music since I was born. Still trying to master both at the same time.