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Playlisted Games

Now, the gaming industry is huge, with titles going back to the beginning of digital time. So with that being said there’s no way we can cover every game imaginable…yet.

We believe that not all games are there to be playlisted; let’s not overlook some of the outstanding scores being created in gaming – from the delicate 16-bit scores of old, to the orchestrated soundtracks of today. This is why we tend to not create playlists for story-driven action/adventure/RPG type games, where the scripted soundtrack is key to the experience. However, we feel that multiplayer and scenario based games lend themselves extremely well to playlisting – we’ve been doing it for years and want a platform to share, create and collaborate with others.

We have started out by cherry picking some of our current favourite games. We will be adding more over time, adding the ability to add your own games and playlists in the very near future. However, for now we have a form at the bottom of the page that we welcome you to send your gaming suggestions to. You can even send us a link to your own playlist and we will get it online for all to use.