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Call of Duty
1 Jul, 2016

Call of Duty

Everyone's most loved/hated shooter, spreading the rage worldwide with it's addictive fast-paced online multiplayer modes. You know what you're getting & we can't get enough of it. Get yourself hyped up and start p0wning some N00bs!
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The record-breaking first-person, smash hit series Call of Duty has become an annual fixture in millions of gamers’ online rage sessions. While the single player stories have progressed somewhat it’s all about the online multiplayer. You know what you’re getting – quick, high tempo shootouts, killstreak dodging and being called a pUsSy N00b by a 12 year old; however we can’t get enough of it.

Whether it be teaming up for some doggedly defiant Domination, console Couterstrike-lite Search and Destroy or good old fashioned Team Deathmatch there are few games that lead you from saying “OK, just one quick game” to screaming at your screen because your teammate has Jenkinsed it 3 hours into a session.

To survive these trying times an appropriate soundtrack is needed, whether you need psyching up to get your head into the fight, levelling out before you go full tilt or calming down after a rager. Don’t worry, we’ve got ya…

Activision Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition (PS4)

by ACTIVISION [Activision]
Rank/Rating: 601/-
Price: £9.99

Activision Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition (Xbox One)

by ACTIVISION [Activision]
Rank/Rating: 414/-
Price: £9.99

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