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No Man’s Sky
19 Aug, 2016

No Man’s Sky

With a near infinite universe at your disposal you and your star ship are given the freedom to mine, find ancient alien artefacts, craft items and explore. No Man’s Sky is a space simulator on a scale never seen before - will you make it to the centre of the galaxy or will you be left lost in space?
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What do you do in a game that is as big as the universe? Explore! That’s the name of the game with No Man’s Sky, so channel the adventurous spirit of Captain Cook (or more likely James T Kirk) and go explore the universe!

You have over 18 quintillion planets to explore, each with their own unique geography, fauna and wildlife. On your exploration you can catalogue and name your new discoveries, so that other players that somehow stumble upon one of your conquered worlds will see your finds.

Fly around in your star fighter or land and explore by foot. Use your tools to mine for minerals that you can use to build upgrades or trade for currency, which you can use to buy new, improved ships and gear.

Get into dog fights with space pirates, or take on the pesky sentials if you’re feeling a bit space fighty. Otherwise, take a breath and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

Few games offer such a visually stunning experience as pulling up and accelerating out into orbit, allowing you catch a glimpse of the world you have left behind, enormous scale and all. It’s a gateway to existentialism, but a beautiful one at that.

No Man's Sky (PS4)

by PlayStation [Sony computer Entertainment]
Rank/Rating: 610/-
Price: £22.48

Sony Playstation 4 - No Mans Sky Faceplate

by PlayStation [Sony]
Rank/Rating: 17752/-
Price: £6.99

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