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19 Aug, 2016


With a rich lore of heroes joining forces to bring peace to a war-torn world, the members of Overwatch are brought out of retirement to face a new challenge. This time in 6 v 6 battles across the world where they must prove which heroes reign supreme.
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Amassing over 15 million players Overwatch has become a huge console and PC success. It’s mix of tactical scenario based gameplay and varied array of characters add far more depth than many modern first person shooters. Rather than your standard shooter Overwatch offers multiple classes of characters;

  • Tank – Lots of health to soak up damage
  • Offensive – Most powerful weapons to make progress through the oppositions formation
  • Defensive – Characters that are good for holding positions
  • Support – Characters that boost team mates, through healing, adding shields or speeding up movement.

Within these classes you’ll find other features that may be an advantage on particular maps. For example a Defensive builder could be used to defend a tight, enclosed point, while a sniper character may be better on an open map.

Balance in team selection is key, matches can be won and lost from the characters chosen alone. It is not about simply running at the enemy guns blazing, that will get you nowhere fast. Luckily, if you sense that your team balance is off you can change character at any point during the match, allowing you to adjust your tactics.

With the addition of league play (and it’s brutal leveling system) adding few extra rules to keep matches competitive (screw facing 6 Torbjorns), while Blizzard have committed to adding new content, with one extra character being added so far and hopefully more (including maps) to come!

Music to Play Overwatch to!

Overwatch (PS4)

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Overwatch (Xbox One)

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