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Pokemon Go
15 Jul, 2016

Pokemon Go

Merging the Pokemon universe with your world through augmented reality is the wildly popular Pokemon Go. Dragging you from your sofa Nintendo want you to go out and explore, finding ever precious Pokemon while you're out in the big wide world. Evolve your Pokemon, take over gyms and, as always, you've got to catch them all!
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In it’s short lifespan Pokemon Go has already created a social movement, bringing people together all in the name of hunting Pokemon. With groups of people already being seem hanging around Pokestops and gyms battling for supremacy, it’s bringing a new world of augmented reality games into the mainstream, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

Anything that encourages people to go out, be social and enjoy your surroundings can only be a positive. So why not enjoy your Pokewalks with one of our playlists!

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