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Playing Spotify Playlists through PS4

Spotify LogoThe Spotify Playstation app allows you to listen to your music while you play. Once the app is installed you can login to access all of your saved, favorited or playlisted music. However, you can also make use of the app without having to open it directly, using a smart device as a remote.

The app is available to use for free and premium users alike, also allowing you to queue music and create playlists using your Playstation controller.

Also, the app is available for both PS4 and PS3!

Spotify Quick Tips

Spotify Tip 1

Hold the Playstation button to bring up the Quick Menu, allowing you to Control Your Music. At the top you’ll see a Spotify option. Use the left and right buttons to change the music’s volume, X to pause, and L1 and R1 to skip through songs.

Spotify Tip 2

If your tablet or phone is on the same Wi-Fi network open the app, select your music and then select to cast to your console (at the bottom of the screen). You can completely control your music and volume while playing through your device.