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Playing Spotify Playlists through XBox ONE

Spotify LogoWhile playing playlists in the background on PC and PS4 is pretty straight forward, the XBox ONE doesn’t have a native Spotify app. This makes things a bit more troublesome, but not impossible!

We’ll run through a few possible solutions:


XBox ONE Music Solution 1

Microsoft have recently released an update to enable background music streaming, which was a feature that until now has been missing. To make use of this new feature you will have to use an app such as Groove – Microsoft’s own streaming service.


XBox ONE Music Solution 2

The Windows app for streaming YouTube videos, MyTube, is being released for the XBox ONE. The new app will include the ability to play background music as well as being a target for casting.

Once setup you will be able to select your console to cast music to from your Spotify app. You will need a phone or tablet to do this from though.


XBox ONE Music Solution 3

Reddit user kagaku offered the following solution using Plex.


I just got this working earlier today, wanted to share. Not sure if this is widely known or not.


  • Copy the plugin to your Plex plugins folder (Mine was at C:\Users\AccountName\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins), make sure the plugin gets renamed to “Spotify2.bundle” as downloading from Github tends to add stuff to the folder name
  • Open Plex and go to Channels, you should now see a Spotify channel. Hover over it and click the gear icon to open settings; enter your Spotify user/pass.
  • Go to Settings -> Server -> DLNA in Plex and make sure the DLNA server is enabled


Now, on your Xbox you’ll need to open the Media Player app. This method does not yet work with the official Plex app as it does not yet support channels. Wait a few moments (mine took about 30 seconds), you should see your Plex server pop up in the list of available DLNA servers. If you get an error saying no DLNA servers found, restart the app and try again.

Now that you have Plex open, browse to Music -> Music Channels -> Spotify, you should be able to use Spotify relatively painlessly. I’ve had it streaming for the past few hours now.

We haven’t tried the following solution, so please do so with caution and let us know how you get on! And if you have found a better solution don’t keep it to yourself, post it in the comments section below!